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Exercise for Obese People


Updated June 04, 2014

I received an email recently from a man struggling to exercise. This isn't a new topic, of course, but what makes this person stand out is the fact that, at more than 700 pounds, it's almost impossible for him to find cardio equipment he can use to help him lose weight. Even walking is extremely difficult for him and he asked me if I had any ideas for exercise equipment for obese people.

I've talked about the challenges of being obese and ideas for how to exercise at home with things like portable pedlars, recumbent bikes and exercise balls but, unfortunately, the options are limited.

I thought I would turn to some of my readers for ideas. For those of you who are obese (generally with a BMI over 40 or more than 100 pounds overweight), do you exercise and, if so, how do you manage it? Do you exercise at home with equipment or videos or are you able to go to a gym? Have you found equipment you like or creative ways to exercise? Or perhaps, like this man, you're still trying to find ways to exercise. Leave a comment and tell us your ideas for how to exercise when you're obese and/or have limited mobility.

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