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Exercise of the Week: Heel Digs, High Jogs and Front Kicks

By December 11, 2012

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If you're finding it hard to get to the gym these days, you still have to exercise. That's what I tell all of my clients, which they fully expect to hear, but still grumble about.

Your ability to exercise this time of year often depends on your flexibility and creativity. Having the ability to put together a workout on the fly can mean the difference between keeping your weight in check or starting the new year with a few extra pounds to lose. If you're drawing a blank, below are three of my favorite cardio moves you can do just about anywhere:

Heel Digs

With feet together, Jump up and land on right foot the left heel straight out and resting on the floor. Jump up and switch legs, landing with the right heel in front. Pretend like you're jumping over something to add some intensity. Repeat for 30-60 seconds.

High Jogs

Adding high knees to your jogging in place increases the intensity of the exercise and adds a little variety. Try the following sequence: Regular jogs for 8 counts, high jogs for 8 counts and then butt kickers for 8 counts. Repeat that series for one minute.

Front Kicks with Lunge

Kick with the right leg and then take that same leg back into a low lunge, touching the floor. Repeat the kick and low lunge sequence for one minute and repeat the sequence on the other side for one minute. This one will really challenge your balance, so harness some patience on this exercise.

What are your favorite home exercises for burning calories and saving time? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

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