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Paige Waehner

4-Week Jumpstart Workout Program

By January 1, 2013

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In yesterday's New Year's post, I mentioned a new program I put together for the new year. I wanted to go into a little more detail about this program because it may be just the program you need if you're a yo-yo exerciser (e.g., start...stop...start again...stop...sigh).

For those of you who find me long-winded (and I do appreciate your emails expressing that opinion), start here. Otherwise, keep reading.

My new 4 Week Jumpstart Workout Program is perfect for quitters - That is, people who can't seem to find a routine they can stick with. You may quit because you're not physically or mentally ready for the amount of exercise you need to get results or because of burnout, soreness or injury. Maybe you're even afraid of failure. Whatever the reason, you end up in the same place time after time.

That's one reason I created this new program, which focuses less on the scale and more about starting you off with exercise that feels good to your body and your mind.

A couple of things: This program doesn't include any strength training. Yes you need to lift weights, but it's often easier to create an exercise habit when your workouts are simple, don't make you too sore and don't require any equipment. You will see some strength training in the next phase. The other thing: This is a points-based program, so there may be math involved. I apologize for that and hope your head won't explode.

Last, you can follow this program on online or you can sign up for a newsletter ecourse.

That is all.

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