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Paige Waehner

5 Reasons to Love Your Workouts Right Now

By January 23, 2013

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It's easy to grumble about fitting in exercise this time of year and, man, is it cold some mornings or what? Winter exercise is never easy, but there are some very good reasons to love your workouts right now:

  1. A workout is simple - We like to make exercise complicated, but at it's most basic, a workout is simple: It has a beginning, a middle and and end and there's a specific goal you're trying to achieve. You have to make decisions of course - The treadmill or the bike? The dumbbell or the barbell? Biceps or Lats? But, unlike life, every choice you make in the gym is the right one. As long as you're moving something, strengthening something, it often doesn't matter how you do it. It only matters if you do it.
  2. A workout gives you some space - How often do you stop during the day and just breathe for a moment? If you're like most of us, you scramble from one task to another at breakneck speed, rarely stopping to think about what you've just done or what you're going to do next. Your workout can actually give your mind some space to move around without emails or text alerts, demands or noise, without all the chaos waiting on the other end of that workout. For that hour, or however much time you have, you can focus on your body and let your mind go. Solve problems, think about your day, plan a vacation, stare at the hot guy/girl next to you, zone out or tune into what you're doing and let the rest go.
  3. A workout is an escape - How many things do you do for other people all day long? It's likely that most of what you do is for your boss, your kids, your husband or wife, your dog...whatever you do for yourself is often crammed in between the other things and doesn't get much attention. Your workout time may be the only time all day that you do something exclusively for you. No, it's not a massage (and maybe you could use one of those), but it is doing something good for yourself and it can be a nice escape from life for a short time.
  4. A workout is your secret weapon - Exercise can't solve all of your problems, but it can give you some important things that may just make your day better - More energy, more confidence and less stress, to name a few.
  5. You never have to question a workout - Should I? That's a question most of us probably wrestle with all day long, overwhelmed by all our chores or obligations and wondering what to do first, what to do next, how to prioritize a to do list that would take weeks to finish. But, your workout is never in doubt. Maybe you have doubts before you workout, but there's no doubt you'll be glad you did it at the end. Most of us will never finish a workout and think, "Man, I shouldn't have done that." It's nice to have something you'll always feel good about, even if it's a struggle to actually do it.

Looking at my list, what about you? What do you love about your workouts right now? If you don't love your workouts, why not? Do you need to change what you're doing or change your perspective? Leave a comment and tell us why you love (or don't love) your workouts.

January 25, 2013 at 12:48 pm
(1) Linda says:

I like exercising (hikiing/snowshoe) outside this time of year … it is a winter wonderland and you don’t get all sweaty and no bugs =D

January 26, 2013 at 12:00 am
(2) ivik says:

1952: Chaplain says, “Girls don’t care what you look like; they can see the beauty of your soul”. 1955, I get a ‘letter’ in wrestling, season ends in March. July, haven’t worked out, I’m a mess; wearing a bathing suit, I can’t get a date, athelete that I was. Could the chaplain have been wrong? Do girls care? 1955, started working out, and have never stopped.

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