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Paige Waehner

Is it really time to get ready for spring break?

By February 21, 2013

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I kind of forget about spring break for two important reasons: I don't get one and spring doesn't actually occur in Chicagoland until around June. However, I'm always reminded of spring break when I make the mistake of visiting a mall this time of year and find the winter-worn, tear-stained faces of the poor people trying on bathing suits while it's still winter. For the record, yes, you really will look better in that bathing suit when you're away from the gross flourescent lighting notorious in dressing rooms around the world.

The problem is, we sometimes spend more time working on our spring break wardrobe than working on our bodies...a fact we may be confronted with in that stark, lonely dressing room mirror. We can't completely change our bodies in the few days or weeks left before spring break, but we can focus on function. Namely, what are you doing over spring break and what could you do to get your body strong enough to withstand it? If you're lounging on the beach and planning to lift nothing more than a drink to your lips, this may not be a concern for you. But, if you're planning something more physical, you may want to put together a workout routine just to get your body physically ready for that exertion.

If you're not sure what you're doing, strength training is always a good choice. It makes you strong, builds endurance and burns calories. Cardio will help you strengthen your heart and lungs while burning extra calories, all things that can help your body look and feel better.

My favorite way of fitting all that in is with circuit workouts that combine both cardio and strength. My favorites:

Whatever you do, make sure you start easy and gradually build up to more frequent and strenuous exercise. The last thing you want is to go into your break with an injury or soreness so painful, you can barely move.

What about you? Are you going on spring break and, if so, how will you get ready for it? Leave a comment and tell us about your spring break plans.

March 5, 2012 at 9:24 pm
(1) AshleyL says:

I am leaving for Mexico in 19 days. I have been on and off the work out wagon since the middle of January and now is the time that I am wishing I would have pushed through the days that I wanted a break. There are days where I don’t have time to go to the gym, so I find it helpful to do some at-home exercises. Recently I have done pilates or yoga in the living room and I have a 3 minute routine to do every night before sleep.

I did not bring my scale to school because this time I decided to judge my work outs by how i look and feel NOT by the number on the scale.

Although it sounds cliche, I do believe that the best thing a girl can wear is her confidence.

March 7, 2012 at 6:18 pm
(2) Karen Starns says:

I have finally found a problem here as there is no place in your exercise form for people with mobility issues. I have started chair arobics but no where do you have calories burned. It is a work out too. Just a suggestion. I am parttime in a wheelchair and doing most of the exercises that you have out there I can not do. Maybe we need to open this up for discusion as I know I am not the only one out there that is in the position. Just as my weight gain was not due to diet but medication. I have been fighting doctors now for 10 years about this issue.

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