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Paige Waehner

Exercises of the Week: Stretch Series on the Ball

By February 26, 2013

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The exercise ball is one of my favorite tools for relaxing stretches. Not only does it give you support while you stretch, it allows you to get a deeper stretch for many exercises. You can shift, roll and move to find the perfect position to get the most out of each stretch.

Below is my favorite series of stretches on the ball, giving you a great stretch in the upper back, chest and hips. Start with the upper back stretch, sitting on the ball, anchoring your arms under your thighs and then pulling up and away from the legs while pulling in the abs. Hold that for a few breaths and then walk forward into a bridge position. Let your hips drop and your arms flop out for a deep chest stretch. From there, lower the hips, take the fingertips to the floor for balance and cross one ankle over the opposite knee for a hip stretch. Hold that for a bit, switch sides and enjoy.

Repeat as many times as you like.

Back stretch on the ball relaxbackball.jpg (8033 bytes) Pretzel stretch on the ball

See more in my Total Body Ball Stretch.

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