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Paige Waehner

The Best Workouts for Weight Loss

By September 12, 2013

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The one question I get more than any other is: What's the best workout for losing weight? My answer is always the same: The workout you'll actually do on a regular basis.

No one likes that answer.

I finally decided to put together an article when a reader begged for an answer to his question: "How do I get the best results in the least amount of time?"

There are actually a variety of ways one can approach the concept of time-efficient workouts that actually give you results and they all have one thing in common: They will kick your butt. There's no way around it. If you want results in less time, you have to work hard.

If you want to know all the details, you'll have to read my article, The Best Workouts for Weight Loss because I spent quite a bit of time on it and it includes lots of workout ideas for those of you who like this kind of exercise.

I will give you a hint and tell you that all of the workouts listed involve some form of interval training, but I would bet most of you already knew that.

Now, tell me about you. Do you have a 'go-to' workout for losing weight? Does it involve high intensity exercise? Leave a comment and tell us how you use exercise to lose weight.

September 12, 2013 at 2:07 pm
(1) Irwin says:

Paige, your first reply to the question was the best. The workout that you do on a regular basis.

You ask what is the reader’s ‘go-to’ workout to lose weight. For me it is to add more exercise to what I am regularly doing. What is that? Walking. After dinner, if it is a non-gym day, I go for a 45-60 min semi-fast walk. It works for me.

September 17, 2013 at 5:22 am
(2) Kate says:

I workout for 40 mins doing fast step aerobics 5 times a week, plus high speed walking for 4km – I am maintaining my weight, I can’t lose an ounce! I eat 1240 calories a day net on average – there are days when I eat less and days when I eat slightly more….I am at an impasse – I have excercised 4 – 6000calories a week off adn have remained at 73kg for the past 18 weeks – not happy

September 17, 2013 at 2:44 pm
(3) Becky says:

Kate – If you are at an impass, then it is time to change things up. Change your diet and your routine. It will make a difference. Your body learns what to expect and how to survive. Maybe you are not eating enough calories for what you are doing. If you cut out carbs, try going to a low-fat diet and go from step aerobics to kick boxing and yoga. Changing it up will help to get your system revving again and break the plateau. Good luck!

September 17, 2013 at 6:39 pm
(4) Susan says:

You are not feeding yourself enough to fuel your body for the work it is doing. Your stress hormones could be sky high and this increases insulin resistance resulting in fat gain/retention.

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