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Challenge Yourself

Stay Committed to Exercise


Updated January 08, 2010

The Challenge

If you find that you're not motivated to keep going because you're not losing weight fast enough, I have a few challenges for you.  Take some time to study the questions below and figure out what you think about exercise.  What are your fears?  What is holding you back from making exercise a part of your life?  How can you make workouts more appealing?  These are just some of the questions you'll be able to answer.

  1. Name 3 benefits you get from exercise that have nothing to do with weight loss.

    Example: 1. I feel proud of myself for finishing the workout. 2. I feel energized for the rest of the day. 3. I sleep better on the days I workout.

  2. Name 3 things you like about exercising.
    Example: 1. It's the only time I have to myself all day long. 2. I always feel better once I get started. 3. I'm more confident when I take time to workout.

  3. Name 3 things you could do to make your workouts more enjoyable.
    Example: 1. Take time to warm up instead of jumping into an intense workout. 2. Do more activities outside--I don't like the gym. 3.Find a workout buddy to keep me motivated.

  4. Describe your favorite exercise and why you like it.
    Example: I like running because it's easy--I can do it anywhere and all I need is a pair of shoes. I like the fresh air and I always feel good about myself when I finish a good run.

  5. What are some activities you'd try if only you were in better shape, stronger, more conditioned, etc.
    Example: Cross-country skiing, Snowboarding, Group fitness classes

  6. Name your biggest obstacle to exercising.  Now, name 3 ways to overcome it for your next workout.
    Example: Being too busy. To overcome that I can: 1.Schedule my workouts in my calendar. 2. Have consequences if I don't follow through (i.e., I can't watch my favorite TV show). 3. Try shorter workouts that fit within my schedule.

  7. Name some rewards you could give yourself for completing all your workouts for one week.
    Example: 1.  A massage. 2. Some new workout shoes or clothes. 3. That new novel I've been wanting to buy.

  8. Name some consequences for not doing your workouts.
    Example:  1.  No TV unless I do my workout.  2.  If I skip my workout, I have to do a horrible household chore (clean the grout in the bathroom, give the cat a bath, etc.).  3.  If I don't exercise, I have to spend 30 minutes rubbing my spouse/loved one's feet.

  9. Describe 3 ways in which exercise could improve your current and future quality of life if you did it consistently.
    Example: 1. I'll have stronger bones and more endurance. 2.  Preserving muscle mass so that my metabolism doesn't drop. 3.  I'm less likely to gain weight and I reduce my risk of heart disease and other problems.

  10. What's your biggest fear when it comes to exercise?  How realistic is this fear?
    Example: That I'll fail to finish my workout.  This fear isn't very realistic since I definitely won't succeed if I don't do it.

How'd you do? Did you learn anything about yourself? Figure out ways to make exercise more enjoyable or fit better within your lifestyle? Print this questionnaire out and keep it nearby. Come back to it whenever you feel like quitting to remind yourself why exercise is important. Most importantly, don't give up. We all quit from time to time...the trick is to keep going anyway.
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