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BodyMinder Workout & Exercise Journal

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Updated March 04, 2004




The Bottom Line

The BodyMinder is an excellent way to keep track of your daily strength training and cardio routines. This is a great tool for anyone who wants to make exercise a part of their lives.


  • This portable journal helps you track strength training and cardio workouts
  • Daily records let you record daily workouts for up to 3 months
  • Progress charts make it easy to see if you're reaching your goals


  • None!


  • Keep daily records of strength training workouts, cardio routines and meals
  • Keep track of water intake, supplements and weekly goals
  • The progress charts show you how far you've come and help keep you motivated

Guide Review - BodyMinder Workout & Exercise Journal

One of the best motivators in reaching any fitness goal, whether it's weight loss, weight gain or running a 5K, is to keep an exercise journal. One of my favorites it the BodyMinder--a spiral-bound journal designed to help you track your workouts. The daily pages, enough for 3 months worth of workouts, allow you to record what time you worked out, who you exercised with and who taught your group class. You can track the type of cardio, duration and intensity, as well as whether you warmed up and stretched. There's a space for writing down your strength training exercises--reps, sets, weight and intensity. There's a section for comments on how the workout felt and a brief section to write down what you ate that day, allowing you to track calories, carbs, protein and fat. You can also track your water intake, supplements and whether you reached your goal for the day. The progress charts are where you really see how far you've come and you can also use the weekly schedules at the front of the book to plan out your week. Overall, the BodyMinder is easy to use, fits nicely in your gym bag and is sturdy enough to make it through hundreds of workouts. It's a good choice for anyone who wants a little extra motivation to exercise.

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