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FitWatch Online Fitness Tracker

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Updated October 20, 2010

FitWatch Online Fitness Tracker

FitWatch Online Fitness Tracker

FitWatch Online Fitness Tracker

The Bottom Line

FitWatch is an excellent choice for tracking your diet and exercise program. The interface is easy to use, the graphs and charts give you an easy-to-understand breakdown of your diet and workouts and the reports help you track your progress on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis.


  • The interface is intuitive and easy to use
  • Track every aspect of your diet, exercise program and weight loss goals
  • View a variety of reports and detailed analysis of your diet and exercise program


  • Ads in the free version can be intrusive


  • Price: Free/Premium Membership is $4.95 per month
  • Diet Features: Find a variety of foods in the large database or enter your own and view a detailed nutritional analysis
  • Exercise Features: Searchable exercise database includes hundreds of exercises and compares calories in vs. calories out
  • Reports: View a variety of nutrition, exercise and weight loss reports
  • Extras: Set goals and create to-do lists

Guide Review - FitWatch Online Fitness Tracker

Free fitness and diet tracking websites aren't that hard to find, but finding quality sites are another matter. FitWatch stands out with so many great features, it's hard to believe it's all free.

Getting started is easy. You create a basic profile with a username and password and you're immediately taken to the diet section of the tracker where you can search the extensive database and enter your meals. You may not find every little thing in there, but I easily found the popular brand named foods (like cereal and yogurt) and it's easy to add your own if they're not in the database. For each food you enter, you see a nutrition label, just like what you'll find when you buy it at the grocery store. You'll also see graphs showing how many calories you've eaten and a breakdown of carbs, protein and fat. The graphs update automatically each time you enter a new food.

The exercise section is also easy to use and follows the same procedure. You search for different exercises in the database and enter it into your log, with the option of adding extras like your average heart rate, distance or steps taken. I like that you can search by type of activity (around the home, at the gym, etc.) and that you can enter your own custom exercises if you can't find then in the database. Once you enter your workout, you'll see a graph that compares your calories in vs. calories out.

There are a wide variety of ways to track your progress. You can track your weight and measurements, set goals, create to-do lists and view a huge variety of reports about your diet and exercise progress. The premium version offers even more options--more reports, tracking capabilities and there are no ads included.

Overall, FitWatch is an excellent website that easily helps you track every aspect of a diet and exercise program.

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