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Fitness Fusion

Pump Up Your Workouts


Updated February 20, 2007

Over the years, exercise has evolved so much, it seems like there'we've covered just about everything. But, what makes the past few years stand out is a focus on fusion. We're tired of the same old traditional workouts and, as a result, we're mixing and matching everything from ballet and boot camp to yoga and pilates. Find out how to pump up your workouts, burn fat and nix the boredom with a little fitness fusion.

What Is Fitness Fusion?

Fitness fusion is our way of beating boredom when it comes to exercise. We're all about keeping things interesting and, in the fitness world, that means taking a flexible approach to traditional exercises. Forget riding on a stationary bike for an hour--why not try Cycle Karoake? Okay, maybe that's a little much, but there are easy ways to mix and match your workouts. Fitness fusion workouts can:
  • Target a variety of things like strength, balance, stability, core strength, agility, endurance and more
  • Combine moves from disciplines like yoga, pilates, boot camp, ballet, cardio, boxing, cycling, swimming and more...
  • Keep you from getting bored
  • Challenge your muscles in different ways
  • Provide fast, effective workouts for people with busy schedules

Some fitness experts aren't crazy about fusion-type classes because many activities, like yoga and Pilates, require concentration to get the moves just right. Others see it as a way to make these exercises more accessible to those of us who are intimidated by traditional classes. Either way, if you take a fitness fusion class, make sure your instructor is qualified to teach every discipline he or she is instructing.

Fitness fusion classes are popular in bigger cities like L.A. and New York. Think of those cities like guinea pigs--they try it out and, if it sticks, it trickles down to the rest of us. Some of the weirder fusions you may never see in your city include:

  • Cardio Striptease. You mimic a striptease while you workout.
  • Disco Yoga. That's right...disco music and yoga.
  • Cycle karaoke. Sing while you cycle...if you dare.
  • HydroRide. Spinning...in the pool!
  • Survivor: 2 Hour Beach Workout. I don't even want to know what they do in this class!

For more information, visit Crunch's website to see more interesting group fitness classes.

Some classes that may already be available to you are circuit training workouts (combining weights and cardio) or yogilates, which fuses yoga and pilates. If you don't have access to these types of classes locally, you're in luck because the video world is all over this fusion thing.

Fusion Books & Videos

You know I won't leave you hanging. Next is a fusion workout you can try at home involving yoga moves and a resistance band. This will add some muscle work to your usual routine and challenge you in a whole new way.

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