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Shoulders, Arms and Chest

This fun, fast-paced workout takes you through exercises focusing on the shoulders, arms and chest. The exercises are done in a circuit format, taking you from move to move without long rest periods. This saves you time and makes the workout fly by.

See your doctor before trying this workout if you have any injuries, illnesses or other conditions.

Equipment Needed
An exercise ball, a bench or step, various weighted dumbbells and a kettlebell (use a dumbbell if you don't have a kettlebell)

How To
  • Perform the exercises in each circuit, one after the other with brief rests in between exercises.
  • Complete 1 circuit of each set for a shorter workout and up to 3 circuits for a more intense workout
  • Modify the exercises as needed and choose a weight heavy enough that you can ONLY complete the suggest reps.
Circuit 1  
Walking Pushups
Prisoner Squat JumpsPrisoner Squat Jumps
Begin in a pushup position with the left hand on a paper plate or band. Perform a pushup and, as you press up, walk the hands to the left until the right hand is on the paper plate. Continue pushups, alternating walking the hands to either side for a total of 10 reps (one rep includes walking to the right and left).
Front Raise with Triceps Extension

Sit tall and hold weights at your sides.  Sweep the arms up so shoulder level and then continue overhead until the arms are next to the ears. Bend the elbows and lower the weights behind the head to about 90 degrees. Straighten the arms and sweep them back down, repeating 12 reps.
Clean & Press

Begin with weights in front of thighs, palms in. Raise the weights up to chest level  in an upright row and in a smooth move, flip elbows down and weights up so that they're over the shoulders. Press the weights up overhead and lower back down, flip the arms back to upright row position and lower. Repeat for 12 reps.
Repeat 1-3 times
Circuit 2
Y-Chest Press  

Lie on a bench and hold medium-heavy weights with elbows bent.  Straighten the arms and press the weights up and out at an angle into a y-shape.  Bring the weights together over the chest, lower back down and repeat for 10 reps.  
One Arm Arnold Press
Rear Delt SqueezeRear Delt Squeeze
 Hold a moderate weight or kettlebell in the left hand and lower into a squat while taking the right arm out for balance.  Keep the torso upright, the abs braced and make sure the knees are behind the toes.  Keeping this position, begin with the palm facing the shoulder and push the weight up as you rotate the palm out.  Take the arm back down, rotating the hand so that the palm faces in. Continue pressing the weight up and down as you stay in the squat position for 8-16 reps before switching sides.
Kettlebell Side Step with Single Arm Swing Curl

Hold a medium kettlebell in the right hand by your side.  Step to the right and lower into a squat, swinging the weight between the knees.  As you step the feet back together, swing the weight up into a biceps curl, ending with the weight straight up.  Repeat for 8 reps before switching sides.
Repeat Circuit 2 1-3 times

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