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Making Time to Exercise


Updated June 28, 2006

Ever wonder how other people do it? You know them--people who always seem to find time for exercise. Hey, they had to start somewhere, just like you. Maybe you can learn a thing or two from them about making exercise your top priority. Below are some thoughts from some of our forum members on how they've managed to stick with their exercise programs:

"When I worked full-time and went to school, I used my lunch hour 2 days a week for walking/running workouts. I kept a resistance band at my desk and did whatever exercises I could during the day...if you really want to do something, you'll find a way."

"I make time. I work full time and...squeeze it in wherever I can. I take my resistance band to work and use it at breaks or lunch. I also take a little extra time on bathroom breaks and do the stairs. You may have to divide your workouts into mini-workouts."

"I started running at home on the treadmill, lifting weights again when I could...I find time, I make time, and I talk to folks about what they do. The hardest part is getting started and making it a routine. After it's a habit it's a cake walk."

"I thought I didn't have time until I made it a PRIORITY- since changing my perspective on it - it's the LAST thing that would ever get dropped. We always manage to find time for something that is important to us."

"Most days will pack my gym bag the night before, so it's there as a reminder of what I need to do after work. I keep a notebook and plan my workout schedule for the week in advance each week so I have an idea of what I'm going to be doing."

"I make it a higher priority than other things. I wake up an hour earlier just to be sure I have the time for exercise. If that eats up available leisure time in the evening, so I can get to sleep early enough to be healthy, so be it."

It's not easy making exercise a habit, nor does it have to be the equivalent of moving a mountain. It starts with a decision and is followed by taking an action. That action can be as simple as walking the dog or as complicated as training for a marathon. Either way, there's no better time to start than now.

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