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These links will take you to the best kickboxing resources on the web.

Asthma Friendly Sports: Kickboxing
Kickboxing may not be for everyone, but it's an exciting way of getting in shape without asthma symptoms, from your About.com Guide, John Neil Rhoades.

Martial Arts
This is your starting place for learning about techniques, tournament coverage and general information about martial arts.

Aerobic Spot
This site offers tips on proper technique for kickboxing, as well as the benefits of adding some kicks and punches to your workout.

Billy Blanks Tae Bo
Billy Blanks is the creator of Tae Bo, a mixture of kickboxing and martial arts. Visit his site for information about his videos and order them online.

Cardio Kickboxing Video
Dawei offers a 45 minute advanced cardio kickboxing workout for people who already know how to punch, kick and sweat. Order the video online for $16.95.

Kickboxing/Boxing Gear
If you're looking for kickboxing accessories like jumpropes, boxing gloves, speedbags, and wraps, this should be the first place you visit. Order their products online and check out their FAQ's for common kickboxing questions.

Kung Fu Aerobics
This website offers in-depth information about martial arts and proper execution of movements to prevent injury and enhance your workout. Visit their site and view lessons for basic martial arts stances and movements.

IFA Kickboxing Moves
IFA offers an incredible library of kickboxing moves. Learn about kicks, punches, sweeps, combos and more. No pictures, but you can use your imagination! You can also get certified to teach kickboxing through IFA's program.

Visit Collage Video and search their vast database of kickboxing videos. From beginner tapes to advanced, you'll find the video that is right for you!

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