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Top 6 Online Training Websites


Updated: February 19, 2007

If you're looking for online personal training, these websites include the best training you can get for reasonable prices. If you're gym-phobic or simply don't have the time to meet with a personal trainer, getting your workouts online or through email may be perfect for you. These are the best websites offering personalized programming and easy ways to access your workouts, calendars and more.

1. Plus One Active

Plus One Active offers a couple of different packages. One is a self-driven program where you get customized workouts for $9.95 for 12 weeks. You can also choose to have a certified personal trainer work with you for $39 per month. With this option, you get personalized workouts based on how much time you have, what equipment you have access to and your goals. Access workouts, calendar, a comprehensive database of exercises, progress reports and more right online. You can also opt to receive workout reminders.

2. Workouts for Women

This site is geared towards women and provides a more generalized workout atmosphere. Instead of individual routines, you get access to a variety of workouts online depending on your fitness level, equipment and goals. Joni Hyde is your trainer and gives expert guidance along with workout instructions, support and motivation, plus plenty of articles and tools. For $20 a month, this is a steal.

3. Global Health & Fitness

GHF has been around for awhile because they offer high quality online fitness programs. Their customized routines cover the basics: strength training, weight management, cardio, nutrition and flexibility. You also have access to fitness tracking software, online books, exercise videos/demos, recipes and motivational emails. This site is more expensive than the others at $59.99 for 3 months.

4. Gym America

Gym America offers 3 programs: workout, diet or a combination of both ($17-$47 for 3 months). Tell them your goals, available equipment, schedule and where you workout and you'll get a personalized routine that is stored online. Tweak your program to add exercises, change dates, etc. They offer a free 10-day trial, but you sign up with a credit card and must cancel before the end of the trial.

5. Workout.com

Workout.com is different from the other sites because you create your own routine by entering the Program Zone where you choose from programs created by trainers, physical therapists and other professionals. The Exercise Zone has over 350 demos of exercises and you can choose by body part or by equipment type. Save workouts in your own printable Workout eBook. $35.40 for a year.

6. Fantasy Fit

For $29.99/month, this site offers personalized fitness programs, email contact with a trainer, access to the online video library and client-only database of fitness questions, new programs, nutritional guidance, newsletters, & workout reminders. The No Spotter membership ($19.99) offers everything without the personalized program design. Their trainers are certified & have Master's Degrees.

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