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Plus-Size Exercise

Exercise Options


Updated July 07, 2014

Once you've gotten the okay to exercise and you've started educating yourself on exactly what to do, it's time to tackle the most pressing issues. You need to figure out where to workout, what to wear and how to establish an accessible and comfortable exercise routine.

Where to Exercise

The Gym - If you're overweight, you may be hesitant to join a gym. Walking into a club for the first time can be intimidating, but there are some good reasons to consider it. You'll have access personal trainers who can help you get started the right way and you also have access to workout machines and aerobics classes, which can make exercise a easier. If the thought of joining a club makes you break out into hives, consider the YMCA or a community center, which may have a friendlier atmosphere. You can also try roping a friend into going with you. You'll feel less-conspicuous and more motivated. And remember, everyone was a beginner at some point. You can be an inspiration to others who feel the same way you do.

At Home - Another option is to set up an exercise program at home. Begin with a walking program either outside or on a treadmill or some other cardio machine for your home. You can also try a workout video for plus sized exercisers such as Walking Fit and Fabulous or Heavy Weight Yoga. This strength training workout offers seated exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

What to Wear

It can be difficult to find plus sized workout clothes, but the fashion industry is getting a clue about people who aren't size zero and need clothes that fit. Aside from looking around in your neighborhood malls, surf the web a bit and see what's out there. aBigAttitude.com says, "Fashion is not a size, it's an attitude and Fitness is not a size, it's an attitude." You'll find great information about diet and exercise, plus a list of places to find workout clothes. For more websites, see my Plus-Size Resources.

Comfort should be your number one goal. Buy quality items that will make it through daily or weekly washings. Don't forget to buy the proper shoes for your exercise program. If you're going to be walking, you'll want a good pair of walking shoes or even running shoes to provide cushioning and support. Make sure the shoes feel good when you put them on and that you have a wide enough toe box to keep movement comfortable.

Exercise can be intimidating no matter what size you are, but starting with activities that feel good to you and your body is the best way to establish a consistent exercise routine. Whether it's walking, water aerobics or home exercise videos, find something you can do and do it as much as you can. Remember that a little exercise is always better than nothing.

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