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Step Aerobic Videos
Guide picks

Looking for some decent step videos for your home exercise program? Check out the links below.

Candice Copeland's Step Ahead
Candice Copeland leads a fat-burning step aerobic workout, complete with warm-up, cool-down and stretch segments. 1 hour, intermediate/advanced.

Christi Taylor's The Stepping Zone
This video is one of the best out there if you like difficult and innovative choreography and great music! 56 minutes, advanced.

Crunch Step & Sweat
This video combines interesting arm and foot patterns packed into a compact half-hour program. 33 minutes, intermediate.

Fitness Pros - Step Aerobics
ESPN's "Fitness Pros" take the viewer through a basic, well-rounded fat-burning workout. Intermediate.

Karen Voight's Energy Sprint
This is a high energy step aerobic workout for anyone looking for a challenge. 1 hour, 20 minutes, advanced.

Reebok Extreme Step
Gin Miller, creater of the Step, 'steps' up to lead this action-packed step routine. You'll love the music and Gin's awesome cuing! 48 minutes, advanced.

Step Aerobics with Kari Anderson
Kari Anderson leads this fast-paced step aerobics class designed for all fitness levels. 30 minutes.

The Firm - Aerobic Interval Training
This hour-long aerobic workout utilizing alternating cardiovascular intervals concentrates primarily on toning buns and legs. With Sandahl Bergman.

Ultimate Step
Keli Roberts leads a challenging yet easy-to-follow step routine that includes old favorites like repeaters, lunges and v-steps. 54 minutes, intermediate/advanced.

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