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Interested in what supplements you should be taking? These links will point you in the right direction for finding vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements.

Evaluating Weight Loss Supplements
Has holiday feasting added some extra pounds? Cathy Wong, About's Alternative Medicine Guide, gives great tips on the most popular weight loss supplements such as hydroxycitric acid, gugulipid, chromium, gymnema silvestre, ephedra, EFA's, and more...

Herbs for Health
About.com's Herbs for Health Guide provides comprehensive information about everything from vitamins and minerals to aromatherapy and Chinese herbalism.

Supplements and Sports
The Good, The Bad, and the Unbelievable -- Many athletes, faced with pressure to perform, turn to the latest 'magic bullet' in hopes that it will give them an edge in training and competition. This article separates fact from fantasy.

All Out Training
All Out Training provides free online exercise videos along with guidance from a certified personal trainer. Also provides nutritional information, supplement guidance and workout equipment resources.

Creatine Information Center
Visit the Creatine Information Center for, you guessed it, in depth info about Creatine. You can sign up for their free newsletter and learn more about the safety, effectiveness and dosage for Creatine supplementation.

Herbal Encyclopedia
If you have questions about herbs and other natural supplements, visit this site for comprehensive information about hundreds of different products.

Internutrial Sports
If you're an endurance athlete and interested in the best way to stay hydrated and energetic, visit this site for specific info about the latest endurance supplements.

Life Services
Life Services offers a glossary of all vitamins, minerals and supplements. Get definitions of each supplement and find out which foods contain more of what you need.

Optimum Nutrition
Optimum Nutrtion produces quality vitamins, supplements and various weightloss aids. Get information about specific products and order online.

Supplement Direct
This site manufactures and sells dietary supplements. Browse their selection and order them online.

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