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12 Weeks to Weight Loss - Day 60

Day 60


Updated May 07, 2004

Cardio Focus: Endurance

Ahhh, we're back to cardio. Today you're going slow and steady, focusing on building endurance and stamina. Below are your cardio choices, but please choose whatever activity you like.

Option 1: Cardio Endurance Workout
Option 2: Choose an activity and maintain a steady pace for 25-45 minutes. Be sure to warm up, cool down and stretch at the end of your workout.

Challenge: Add three or more of these Pylometric Moves at the end of your workout. Feel the burn!

Strength & Flexibility Focus: Mat Workout

It's time for your Mat Workout. Relax and enjoy!

Nutrition Focus: Fat Burners

If I haven't mentioned it before, I never recommend weight loss supplements, especially fat burners. They usually don't work and, if they do, they only work on a temporary basis which goes against everything I'm trying to teach you in this program. If you've been paying attention, you know I want you to change your lifestyle permanently. Anyway, if you're thinking about fat burners, you might read this article before you spend your money.


Yesterday, I urged you to do your workout, even if you don't feel like it. Today, I'm going in the other direction and remind you that flexibility is key if you want to stay motivated. There are some days when you really do need that extra rest. If you feel tired and generally blah about your workout, why not take the day off? Do something that feels good to your body--a hot bath, some gentle stretching, etc. Listen to your body--it may just need an extra day or rest now and then.

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