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DietMinder Personal Food & Fitness Journal

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Updated February 17, 2004




The Bottom Line

The DietMinder is organized and easy to use, an excellent tool for people who want to track their calories and exercise for weight loss and health.
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  • Provides a simple way to keep track of foods and calories
  • Can be used as a diary or a meal planner
  • Daily record pages guide you through goals, meals and exercise


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  • Over 200 pages available to record daily meals, calories and exercise
  • Helpful charts and graphs to track progress and adhere to goals
  • Spiral bound with a durable cover and pockets to hold recipes, workout schedules and more

Guide Review - DietMinder Personal Food & Fitness Journal

One of the most effective tools in weight loss is a food journal--keeping track of what you eat makes you more aware of the choices you make and motivates you to eat healthier. The DietMinder fits that bill with over 200 pages available for you to track your meals each day. You'll begin by setting your own personal goals and attaching your 'before' picture, if you're trying to lose weight. You then use the blank forms to keep track of your meals. You can record calories, fat grams, carbs, protein and fiber, using the websites listed in the front to find food databases, calculators and more. You can also track the supplements and/or medicines you take and record your exercise for the day. In the back you'll find alphabetically tabbed pages where you can keep a list of your favorite foods and their nutritional values so you don't have to look it up each day. There are graphs you can use to chart your progress and compare what you're doing with the results you're getting and the Weekly Progress section allows you to to see if you're reaching your goals. The leatherette cover is durable and the vinyl pockets in back can hold recipes, your workout schedule, grocery lists and more. Featured on the Dr. Phil show, the DietMinder has become a popular journal for tracking weight loss. Overall, the DietMinder is easy to use and an excellent resource for anyone trying to lose weight and get in shape. For $14.95, this is a great value.
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