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How's Your Balance?

How to get more balanced


Updated April 22, 2014

Improving your balance may not be number one on your priority list but, maybe it should be. Balance falls into the same category as flexibility, core strength, and mobility. These are all things our bodies need to function efficiently, but many of us don't actually do exercises to improve them. If you exercise regularly, you already work on your balance without even knowing it. But, just because you exercise doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Balance

  1. Incorporate balancing exercises into your strength training routine by doing unilateral exercises (one arm or one leg at a time) or by changing your stance. Use a split stance which requires more balance than a wide stance. Even harder, stand on one leg.
  2. When you're using machines to lift weights, sit away from the pad to work on those torso stabilizers.
  3. Get an exercise ball. Among the multitude of exercises you can do, you can also simply sit on it while you watch television or work on the computer. You'll work on your balance and burn a few more calories.
  4. Incorporate simple balancing moves all day long. While you're standing in line, try to balance on one leg for as long as you can. To make it harder, close your eyes!
  5. Walk with a book on your head (remember this one??). It'll improve your balance and your posture.
  6. Incorporate yoga into your regular routine. Yoga accomplishes lots of things in one shot: you increase your balance, stability, flexibility and muscular endurance.

Check out these new-fangled balancing tools to really help you remain stable in an unstable environment.

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