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Easy Desktop Yoga

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Updated August 27, 2003

Easy Desktop Yoga

Easy Desktop Yoga

Easy Desktop Yoga

The Bottom Line

This is the perfect solution for folks who want a simple, relaxing workout they can do while sitting at their desks. Excellent for reducing stress during a long workday.


  • Simple yoga exercises you can follow at your desk
  • 24 video exercises soothe and relax tight muscles
  • Detailed instruction makes moves easy to follow


  • None


  • 24 yoga poses are demonstrated with full-motion videos
  • Targets the muscles that are most taxed by sitting for long periods of time
  • Divided by body part so users can choose how long they want to workout
  • Offers information about posture, breathing and relaxation

Guide Review - Easy Desktop Yoga

Yoga instructor Juliet Lee has created a simple, soothing workout for anyone who works long hours at a computer. The workout begins with a warm up to loosen the shoulders and arms. Next you can choose standing poses or moves to stretch the head & neck, arms & wrists or back & torso. Each pose is designed to stretch the muscles most taxed by sitting. My favorites were wrist rolls and hip rotations. All exercises are done while sitting (except the standing poses) and can be done individually for short workouts or together for longer ones. Other segments cover posture, breathing and relaxing and includes workout reminders in 30-minute increments. This is an excellent way to reduce stress right at your desk. Cost is $19.95.

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