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Low-Carb Snacks

Treadmill Interval Workout 2

Focus on alternating between high intensity intervals and recovery periods to increase endurance and burn calories.  This is a walking workout with suggested speeds and inclines given--modify the speeds an inclines if you need more intensity, prefer to run instead of walk, or if the intensity is too high.  During the high intensity segments, you want to be working very hard.  During the medium intensity segments, you want to completely recover before the next interval. 

  • Beginners:  Modify according to your fitness level. If you need more recovery time, take it.   
  • The speeds/inclines given are only examples.  Increase/decrease as needed.  
  • Use the Perceived Exertion Scale or Target Heart Rate Calculator to monitor your exercise intensity.
  • Any activity (stairmaster, step mill, elliptical trainer, bike, swimming, etc.) can be substituted.
  • If you can't talk or feel dizzy, stop!
  • Always check with your doctor before starting an exercise program

Treadmill Interval Workout 2

Intensity Levels Warm Up: 5 minutes
Low   5 minutes: 3.0+ mph, 0% incline
Medium   2 minutes:  3.0 mph, incline: 6%
High   1 minutes: 3.2+ mph, incline: 6%
Medium   2 minutes: 3.0+ mph, incline: 1%
High   1 minute:   3.3+ mph, incline: 6%
Medium    2 minutes:  3.0+ mph, incline 1%
High   1 minute:   4.0+ mph, incline 3%
Medium   2 minutes:  3.0+mph, incline: 1%
High   1 minutes:  4.5+mph, incline: 2%
Medium   2 minutes:  3.0+mph, incline 1%
High   1 minute:   5.0+mph, incline 0%
Medium   2 minutes:  3.0 mph, incline 1%
High   1 minute:   3.2+mph, incline 8%
Medium   3 minutes:   3.0+mph, incline 0%
Low   5 minutes: 2.5 mph+, incline: 0% - cool down
Total Workout Time:   36  minutes

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