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BOSU Total Body Strength

This total body strength routine offers exercises using a BOSU Balance Trainer, a great tool for adding balance challenges to traditional exercises. By using a BOSU and taking your body into different positions, you'll fire an amazing number of muscle fibers while building strength, endurance, balance and stability. You have several options for how to do this workout:

  • Beginner's, perform 1 set of each exercise for 8-16 reps, using no weight. If the BOSU exercises are too tough, visit my Workout Center for more ideas.
  • Int/Advanced Options:
    • Perform 2-3 sets of 10-16 reps of each exercise with a short rest in between
    • Perform each move for 10-16 reps (or for a timed interval), one after the other for 1-3 circuits
    • Alternate a each exercise, performing each for 10-16 reps, with no rest between sets

Squat with Overhead Press
Stand on the dome, keeping feet on either side of the bull's eye. Hold light-medium dumbbells at ear level, elbows bent. Lower into a squat, abs in and back straight, keeping the feet as quiet as you can. Push back up while pushing the weights straight overhead without arching the back.

BOSUohsquat.JPG (17602 bytes) BOSUohsquat2-1.JPG (24763 bytes)
One-Armed Row
Kneel with left knee on the BOSU and bend over, placing right hand on the floor and extending the right leg straight out. Holding a weight in left hand, bend the elbow, pulling it to the torso while squeezing the lat muscle (on the side of the back). Lower and repeat, placing the toe on the floor for balance if needed.

BOSUrow-1.JPG (23784 bytes)

Lunge with Bicep Curls
Stand behind BOSU, weights in hand, and step right foot forward on top of the BOSU. Lower into a lunge while doing a bicep curl, then press into the BOSU and push back to start, lowering the weights. Repeat all reps on the same leg before switching sides.

BOSUlungebicep-1.JPG (35367 bytes) BOSUlungebicep2-1.JPG (32403 bytes)
Pushup with Legs Elevated on BOSU
Get into pushup position with hands on the floor and feet on top of the BOSU. Lower into a pushup keeping the abs in and the back straight. If this is too difficult, place the knees on the floor or switch positions and do the pushup with your hands on the BOSU (dome or flat side up).

BOSUpushup-1.jpg (20268 bytes)

Side Leap
Stand behind and to the left of the BOSU. Jump off the left foot and leap onto the BOSU with the right foot, landing in a slight squat. Stick the landing for a moment before stepping down. Repeat on the same leg before switching sides.

BOSUsideleap1-1.jpg (30797 bytes) BOSUsideleap-1.jpg (17678 bytes)
Chest Fly Exchange
Lie face-up on the BOSU, head and neck supported and the hips lifted in a tabletop position. Holding a light-medium weight, take the right arm straight up over the chest. Lower the arm down to shoulder level (elbow slightly bent) then lift back up, change hands and lower the left arm down. Continue with the one-armed flies, alternating arms.

BOSUflyexchange1-1.jpg (21359 bytes) BOSUflyexchange-1.jpg (36108 bytes)

Back Extension
Lie face-down on the BOSU with the belly button over the bull's eye and hands under chin. Keeping the abs contracted, lift the head and feet off the ground in a back extension. Lower and repeat, keeping the abs tight throughout the movement.

BOSUbackextend-1.jpg (15516 bytes) BOSUbackextend2-1.jpg (25615 bytes)

V-Sit with Band Row
Sit with hips slightly forward on the BOSU holding either end of the band (wrap band around sturdy object in front of you). Lift one foot off the ground while leaning back, abs in and back straight. Hold this position while doing a row with the band. For more intensity, take both feet off the ground in a v-sit.

BOSUbandrow-1.jpg (28752 bytes)

Kneeling Arm Circles
Kneel on BOSU holding light-medium weights in each hand. Try to keep the toes off the floor (they can touch the floor for balance if needed) as you lift the arms straight out to the sides and then overhead in a slow circle. Lower the arms and repeat.

Straight-Leg Crunch
Lie on the BOSU with the mid-back on top of the dome, legs straight out in front of you with feet flexed. Place the hands under the chin or behind the head and curl the shoulders up into a crunch. Lower and repeat.

Kneeling Kickback
Kneel on the BOSU and place one hand on the floor for balance, holding a light-medium weight in the other hand. Keeping back flat and toes off the floor, pull the elbow up to torso level. Extend the arm out behind you, contracting the triceps and repeat for desire reps.

BOSUtricep-1.JPG (27357 bytes)

Lie down with the BOSU under your mid-back (you'll have to find your balancing point here). Bring the knees in towards the chest and place hands behind the head, finding your balance. Do a full crunch, bringing the hips towards the shoulders. Lower and repeat.

BOSUcrunch-1.JPG (40061 bytes)

Sit with hips a bit forward on the BOSU and lift bent legs up until the shins are parallel to the floor. Place the hands behind you for support and lower the legs until toes touch the floor (don't arch the back). Lift the legs back to start and repeat.

BOSUvcrunch-1.JPG (35560 bytes)

Form Pointers:

  • Always keep your body in proper alignment during each exercise. It's normal to shift to keep your balance, but make sure you don't slump.

  • Be prepared to fall off a few times as you get used to these exercises
  • Take your time. It takes a while to get used to standing on such an unstable surface.
BOSU Balance Training

BOSU Product Review

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