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New Strength Training Moves

  • The following exercises are challenging moves that target the entire body.  Use caution when doing these exercises as they are advanced and require perfect form.  

  • Add these moves to your current strength training routine or do them on their own.

  • Form is key!  Start with light weights and practice the moves you're unfamiliar with.

  • Modify according to your fitness level

  • Check with your doc if you have any medical conditions.

The Farmer's Walk
This is a move you sometimes see in competition.  In the traditional version, you pick up heavy weights in each hand and walk as fast as you can for as far as you can.  In this version, you push a heavy weight overhead and walk, keeping your arms locked and your core very tight to support you.  You can use a barbell or heavy dumbbells...or anything heavy that you can get a good grip on.  Simply push the weight overhead (have a spotter nearby to help if you need to) and walk across the room holding the weight overhead (or at your sides).  Repeat for as many laps as you can handle.  You'll notice you have to use every muscle in your body to stay in control, so this is a wonderful whole body exercise.

Wood Chop with Band/Dumbbell
Another great whole body move is this one.  Attach one end of a resistance band to something sturdy (used the rail of my staircase).  You may need to wrap the band around your hand a few times for the right tension.  Grasp the band in both hands while also holding a dumbbell (try different weights to find what works for you).  Now, begin in a lunge position (A) with arms straight.  Keeping the arms straight the entire time, rotate the body towards the other side while sweeping the arms on a diagonal (B).  Return to start and repeat for 12-16 reps before moving onto the other side.  Repeat for 1 or more sets, depending on your fitness level.

Bent-Leg Deadlift
This is another move that's often seen in competition, but it's great for us regular folks too since it works all the muscle of the lower body as well as challenging the abs and back.  Place a heavy weight on the floor in front of you (dumbbells or a barbell).  Squat down as though you're sitting in a chair--knees behind toes, chest lifted and shoulders back.  Pick up the weight and stand up.  You're not pulling the weight up with your hands...all your concentration should be in your legs.  Lower back down, keeping that good squat form and repeat.  This is also the proper way to pick anything up--you use your legs and not your back.  Repeat this for 10-12 reps.

Clean and Press
This is yet another competition move, designed to help competitors lift a heavy weight and get into position for pressing that weight overhead.  Again, another great move for the entire upper body.  Begin with weights in front of thighs, palms in.  Raise the weights up to chest level (almost like an upright row) and in a smooth move, flip elbows down and weights up so that they're over the shoulders.  Press the weights up overhead and lower back down, flip the arms back to upright row position and lower.  You can do this with a barbell or dumbbells.  **To get a real whole body move, begin with the Bent-Leg Deadlift (above) and smoothly go right into a clean and press...a great exercise that will strengthen every part of your body.  

Squat Toss
Stand with feet hip-width apart and hold a med ball or dumbbell. Squat as low as you can (knees behind toes and abs contracted) and touch the ball to the floor. Press through the heels to press back up while sweeping the weight up and overhead. Toss the ball up, catch it and repeat for 12-16 reps..  

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