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Sample Short-Term Weekly Goals Worksheet


Name: Paige      Date:  1/1/2005 - 1/7/2005


1 hour Yoga workout


30 Minutes of Running at the gym at a medium intensity


Total Body Strength workout for 30 minutes at home with free weights


Rake the yard, take the dog for a walk, try to get 10,000 steps on my pedometer


30 Minutes of Walking, mix in some speed-walking or hill-climbs for an interval workout, higher intensity workout


30-45 Minutes of Walking or kickboxing video, medium intensity


Total Body Strength workout

Total Cardio Workouts Planned:  3

Total Strength Training Workouts Planned:  2

Total flexibility, yoga or Pilates workouts planned:  1

Nutritional Goals for the week:

1.  Eat fruit with every meal
2.  Try one new healthy recipe this week
4.  Replace one soft drink with water or tea

Reward for reaching my goals this week:

Download 3 new songs for my MP3 player

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