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Burn 100 Calories in 10 Minutes

Too busy to exercise? It's easy to feel that way, particularly if you're trying to follow the exercise guidelines, which suggest an hour a day most days of the week. However, experts have found that short workouts, two or three 10 minute workouts a day, for example, can be just as effective as longer workouts.  The key is to focus on intensity and use your time wisely. 

The sample workouts below offer a variety of cardio and strength ideas to get the most out of your exercise time.  Substitute exercises to fit your fitness level and don't forget to warm up, cool down and stretch after each workout.

Your 10-Minute Cardio Blast

To get the most out of 10-minute cardio workouts, you'll need to work harder. Make sure you're warmed up before high impact exercise and do each exercise as hard and fast as you can, keeping good form:

If you're feeling creative, make your own workout using some of the activities listed below. Each exercises will burn about 100 calories (depending on your weight, fitness level, and intensity) in 10 minutes:

  • Running - About 1 mile
  • Jumping rope
  • Stepping - 30 steps per minute, 7 inch step
  • Cycling - 13 mph
  • High-impact aerobics
  • Running up stairs
  • Body weight exercises: See the 10-Minute Bodyweight Circuit

Strength Training Circuits

Circuit Training involves performing exercises one after the other, with no rest. Below are examples of total body circuit training workouts both for the gym and home. Do each exercise for about 30-60 seconds or to fatigue before moving on to the next exercise with little or no rest. Add more rest time if you need to

10-Minute Total Body Home Circuit 10-Minute Bodyweight Circuit
Split Squat
Wide Squat Weight Exchange
One-legged bent over row
Step Knee Overhead Press
Core Kickbacks
Hammer Curl with Power Squat
Planks with Knee Bends

Alternate 2 fast-paced squats with 2 squat jumps
30 seconds alternate front lunges/30 seconds plyo lunges
30 seconds bear crawls/30 seconds pushups
One-legged deadlifts-Right leg
One-Legged deadlifts - Left leg
Wall Sit with Knee Lifts
Dips with Leg Extensions
Triceps Pushup with Side Planks
Bridge with Leg Drops

Total Body Strength and Cardio Blast 

If you have more time, combine these workouts together into a fun, challenging circuit that hits all your major muscle groups. Do one circuit for a short 20-25 minute workout or repeat for up to 3 circuits for a tough, intense workout:

20-60 Minute Total Body Strength and Cardio Blast
Warm-up: 5 minutes of cardio
10-Minute Cardio Circuit
10-Minute Total Body Home Circuit or Body Weight Circuit
Repeat 1-3 times

More Timesaver Workout Ideas

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