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Circuit Training Workouts

These circuit training workouts offer a variety of exercises, both strength training and cardio, to give you new ideas for working out.

10-Minute Strength and Power Circuit
This short workout alternates dynamic, total body strength moves with high intensity, high impact power moves so you focus on both strength and cardio. This is for int/adv exercisers and is a great travel workout.

Basic Strength and Cardio Circuit
This basic strength and circuit workout is perfect for those days when you want to work everything in a short period of time. This circuit involves alternating a low impact cardio exercise with classic combination strength moves, so you get the benefits of both cardio and strength in one simple workout. This workout is great for beginner or intermediate exercisers.

Boot Camp Workout
This tough boot camp workout takes you through a series of high intensity moves like squat thrusts, pushups and lunges. This is great for int/advanced exercisers.

Bootcamp Challenge - This Bootcamp Workout Will Challenge Your Entire Body
This bootcamp challenge is designed to challenge your entire body with both cardio and strength training exercises.

Cardio and Strength Calorie-Burning Circuit
This intermediate/advanced circuit workout will challenge every muscle in your body with a mixture of high-intensity cardio and strength training moves. Get ready for this one...it's tough!

Circuit Training
Training technique that involves moving from one exercise to another, each exercise working a different muscle group until each muscle has been worked

Circuit Training for Busy People
This circuit training workout provides compound movements to help you get an effective workout in less time. Pictures and descriptions included.

Circuit Training Workout
Build strength, endurance and stamina with this short circuit training workout. Includes pictures, video and descriptions.

Fat and Calorie Burning Circuit
This Fat and Calorie Burning Circuit is perfect for working your entire body in one space with only minimal equipment needed. Grab a mat, a jump rope and 3 sets of dumbbells (light, medium and heavy), find a corner and get moving. For a 30-minute workout, go through the entire series of exercises one time. For a 60-minute workout, repeat each circuit twice.

Fat Burning Circuit Workout
This intermediate/advanced fat burning workout takes you through a variety of cardio and strength training exercises to maximize your calorie burn. Each circuit includes about 3-4 exercises for the hips, glutes, thighs, abs and upper body followed by 3 minutes of high intensity cardio.

Outdoor Circuit Workout
This outdoor circuit involves alternating walking or running with basic strength moves to make your outdoor workouts a little more interesting and challenging.

Outdoor Circuit Workout - 2
This is a sequel to the original Outdoor Circuit Workout, offering a variety of intense and cardio intervals to spice up your running/walking workouts.

Total Body Timesaver Circuit
This total body circuit workout targets every muscle in your body with dynamic compound exercises as well as muscle-specific moves. This short, powerful workout is perfect for when you're short on time and want to get the most out of your workout. You'll perform each exercise, one after the other, for one complete circuit for a short, efficient workout.

Whole Body Circuit
This whole body circuit is a great choice if you want a fast, challenging workout without much equipment. Each of the two circuits includes compound, whole-body movements that target mutliple muscles at the same time. To keep the intensity up, move quickly between exercises and repeat each circuit twice for a 25-minute workout.

Tabata Strength Workout - High Intensity Interval Training
This challenging Tabata Strength Training involves high intensity interval training using advanced strength training moves.

30-Minute Total Body Strength Circuit
Blast every muscle in your body in just 30 minutes with this total body strength circuit workout.

10-Minute Body Weight Circuit Workout
No equipment? No problem. Try this 10-Minute Body Weight Circuit Workout with challenging body weight exercises.

10-Minute Home Circuit Workout
This 10-Minute Home Circuit Workout will challenge every muscle in your body with quick, effective exercises using dumbbells and a step or platform.

Total Body Dumbbell Circuit - One set of weights, 5 tough exercises
This Total Body Dumbbell Circuit requires just one set of weights to work your entire body with just 5 exercises.

Track Circuit Workout - Spice Up Your Outdoor Workouts at the Track
Make the best use of your local track and spice up your outdoor workout with this fun Track Circuit Workout

10 Minute Express Workout - Perfect for Working The Entire Body in Just 10...
This challenging 10 Minute Express Workout works the entire body with tough whole body, compound exercises.

Is Metabolic Conditioning the Most Effect Workout?
Metabolic Conditioning or MetCon workouts are incredibly effective, but are they for everyone? Find out what MetCon workouts are and if they're right for you.

10 Minute MetCon Workout - A Metabolic Conditioning Workout to Kick Butt and...
This ultra-challenging MetCon workout is only 10 minutes long, but it will kick your butt with tough, whole body, compound cardio and strength exercises.

Anti-Aging Circuit Workout for Women - Beginner Level
Anti-Aging Circuit Workout for Women - Beginner

Anti-Aging Circuit Workout for Older Men - Build Muscle, Look Good
This challenging circuit workout for men helps you build lean muscle to fight the aging process.

Anti-Aging Circuit Workout for Men - Level 1
This beginner circuit workout for men helps you build the strength and muscle to fight the aging process and get you ready for more challenging workouts.

Anti-Aging Circuit Workout for Men - Level 2
This is Level 2 of the Anti-Aging Circuit Workout challenge, helping you build lean muscle to fight the aging process.

Anti-Aging Circuit Workout for Women - Intermediate Total Body Workout for...
This anti-aging circuit workouts focuses on the areas older women need to work on to age in a healthy way.

Anti-Aging Circuit Workout for Women Level 3 - Advanced Workout for Women in...
This anti-aging circuit workout is a more advanced workotu for women who want to stop the clock and stay fit throughout their 40s, 50s and beyond.

Cardio Strength Circuit Challenge
This killer cardio strength circuit challenge hits every muscle of your body with a mix of cardio, strength and core exercises. Work your whole body while burning tons of calories with this intermediate/advanced cardio strength circuit workout.

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