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FitBALL Roller

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Updated March 13, 2006

FitBALL Roller

The Bottom Line

The FitBALL Roller is an inflatable vinyl doo-hickey (that's a technical exercise term) which is a combination of an exercise ball and a foam roller. It's portable and easy to clean, which makes it a nice choice if you've been thinking about using a foam roller (those can get pretty dirty). It also has more give than a foam roller, which makes it more comfortable to use.
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  • A softer, more durable alternative to a typical foam roller
  • Can be used for balance and flexibility exercises as well as therapeutic massage
  • The included poster gives ideas for different types of exercises you can do on the FitBALL Roller


  • Figuring out how to use it may be a little confusing for beginners


  • An inflatable roller that mixes two popular training tools-an exercise ball and a foam roller
  • It's easy to clean and provides a little more give than a foam roller
  • Use it for strengthening the core, stretching the body and for balance training

Guide Review - FitBALL Roller

This is another one of those products that makes my husband say, "What the heck is that?" Then when I show him how to use it and he realizes how fun it is, we end up fighting over it. Marriage is never easy unless you're the FitBALL Roller, which is an interesting marriage between the exercise ball and a foam roller. If you didn't know, foam rollers are used for a variety of exercises from stretching to strengthening, and the FitBALL Roller is a great alternative because it's easy to clean (foam rollers tend to get dirty and, once they do, there's not much you can do) and there's a little more give to it so it isn't as hard on the body. For example, you can use it as a back support for doing ab exercises, or you can use it to add instability to traditional exercises (e.g., lying with the FitBALL Roller vertically under the back and performing crunches or leg lifts). It doesn't cost much more than a typical foam roller and also comes with an exercise poster detailing a few basic moves you can try. This is a great tool to add to your exercise arsenal!
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