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Home Elliptical Trainers for Every Budget


Updated August 29, 2013

Elliptical Machines offer low-impact cardio workouts comparable to the old favorite, the treadmill. What separates it from the rest is the low-impact movement that allows you to raise your heart rate without compromising your joints and bones. The trainer is a great alternative for people who need low-impact exercise or for those who want to cross-train to avoid injury and burnout. The five elliptical trainers below are your best bets, whatever your fitness equipment needs.

1. ProForm 650

At about $299-$399, this is a decent choice if you're on a tight budget. It doesn't have many features but does include magnetic resistance, 4 programmed workouts and a heart rate monitor. If you have more money to spend, you might want one of the better models put out by ProForm.
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2. Fitness Quest 1100HR/A Eclipse Elliptical

This elliptical trainer is on the cheaper side, around $400, but is a nice choice if you're on a budget. It offers arm handles, 12 different programs and it's often available at discount department stores like Walmart and Target, so you can try before you buy. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for so, while this might work in the short-term, cheaper ellipticals usually don't last as long as quality models.
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3. Sole E 25

Sole is relatively new to the elliptical world, although they've been putting out treadmills for years. Their elliptical trainers are getting some great reviews from critics and consumers, but they are a bit pricier at around $1,000. This one has articulating foot pedals and only 4 programmed workouts, which isn't much for the money...but this one is a favorite with consumers.

4. Precor EFX 5.33

While Precor is known for it's commercial machines in gyms all over the world, they also make top of the line trainers for home gyms. The Precor EFX 5.33 is definitely a pricier elliptical trainer (about $3,600), but has lots of extras like moveable handlebars for an upper body workout, a 20 degree fixed ramp that goes forward and backward, 14 programs to choose from and a sturdy, stable ride that makes it feel like you're at the gym.

5. Sole E35

At about $1299, the E35 is more expensive than the E25, but many critics recommend spending more because you get more features like pivoting pedals, wireless heart rate control, 16 levels of resistance and 9 programmed workouts. It also has a 5-year warranty for parts, which is a pretty good deal.

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