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Best Women's Fitness Apparel


Updated July 27, 2011

These quality shorts, tops, bras and footwear are perfect for the active woman whether you go to the gym or workout in the great outdoors. Comfortable, flattering and long-lasting, these clothes and shoes will keep you dry, supported and relaxed throughout all your workouts...no chafing, binding or pinching.

1. Nike Seamless Half-Zip Top for Women

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This long sleeve pullover is a must if you're exercising in cold weather. Made of Dri-FIT fabric, it keeps sweat away from your skin, which makes cold weather exercise more comfortable. What I love, besides the fact that it's comfortable and flattering, is that it includes thumb holes to keep your hands warm. It's almost like having built-in mittens, but you can easily fold them over if you don't want to use them. This is one of my favorites for chilly workouts.
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2. Brooks Pacer Support Tank

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This lightweight, flattering tank is perfect for warm-weather workouts or a low-impact class at the gym. The t-shaped back offers great support, along with the built-in support bra, and the light, breathable fabric keeps the sweat away from your body. There's an invisible pocket in back for your ID or keys. This bra is perfect for smaller-chested ladies involved in moderate-impact workouts.
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3. Brooks Viva Jacket

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One of the latest fitness trends is the short-sleeved performance jacket. They're perfect for covering up when going to and from the gym and they're also great for layering when it's chilly outside, but you don't want to get too hot. This cute, sporty version is make of soft moisture wicking nylon and it has a ribbed waist and cuffs. It's a little short for my taste (I wouldn't mind if it were a couple of inches longer), but it's comfortable and it even has an interior MP3 chest pocket.

4. Smarty Pants

We've all had moments in the gym or during outdoor workouts when we wished we had a little more coverage. Enter Smarty Pants, underwear made specifically for exercisers to provide comfort and coverage. I tried a pair and found them to be very comfortable. They're lightweight, can fit under just about anything and help keep sweat away from your body.

5. Adidas Supernova Running Skort

Running skorts are one of the best invention for women's exercise in my opinion.  They're comfortable, flattering and you get to exercise while feeling stylish. These are a favorite of mine because they're light and the inner shorts don't ride up, which can be a problem with some skorts.  The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry and there's no uncomfortable chafing.

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6. Yoga Capri Pants

These comfy, drapy capri pants are perfect for yoga class or for almost any light exercise.  They're flattering and they stay in place during almost any yoga pose

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7. Brooks Viva Capris

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If you like form-fitting workout pants, these capris are both flattering and comfortable. Make of moisture-wicking nylon, these capris are light enough to wear during almost any outdoor workout. The fabric holds it's shape, so these pants won't sag no matter how active you get. I love the comfortable, flat waistband and find they're great for running or walking on cooler days.

8. Avia Women's Running Shoes

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Avia running shoes are consistently rated number one when it comes to supportive running shoes for women. Avia makes these shoes specifically for a woman's foot, so you won't have as many problems with slipping heels or gigantic toe boxes. If you've had trouble finding comfortable running shoes, try a pair of Avias - it will change your workouts..
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9. Merrell Savannah Sandals

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These lightweight, sporty sandals will make you fall in love. They're comfortable and can handle just about any activity you can think of - walking, post-workout dinner or even light hiking. In fact, any Merrell shoe is a good choice because they last a long time. I'm on my third pair of the Savannah's and constantly get compliments on them.
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10. Thorlo Socks

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Aside from your shoes, socks are the second most important thing you'll wear during your workout. Thorlo makes some of the best, high-quality socks out there for any activity. I like the walking socks for walking, of course, and also for step aerobics and kickboxing classes. These socks are pricey, but that last for years and through thousands of washings.
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