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6 Weeks to Fitness for Absolute Beginners - Week 6


Updated December 17, 2009

Welcome to week 6 of your 6-week program and congratulations for making it this far. It isn't easy to start an exercise program, and it's even harder to sustain it. You've done just that by sticking with the program.

We're wrapping up this week with the same schedule and workouts you followed last week, so there are no major changes to worry about. As you can see from the past 6 weeks, it pays to give your body time to adjust to new workouts and exercises, which is what this week is all about.

Your focus this week is on taking your next step and moving on from this program. What will you do next and how will you keep up your exercise routine? I'll give you some new ideas to keep you going.

Last, this is a time of celebration. Whatever you accomplished over the last 6 weeks deserves a reward, so think of how you can celebrate your success as you move forward. Thank you so much for signing up for the program and congratulations!

Don't forget to view your weekly calendar and keep a checklist to track your progress for the week.

You can sign up for the email version of the course to receive weekly newsletters detailing a workout schedule with cardio, strength and flexibility workouts.

Focus On...What's Next?

With 6 weeks of workouts completed, it's important to maintain the momentum you've worked so hard to create. How will you keep that momentum going? One option is to continue with the workouts you've been doing, or you can consider following one of the other options below. I'll also give you some ideas for how you can progress from where you are now.

  • 30-Day Fitness Challenge - This is a different type of program, designed to make you more active on a regular basis.
  • 12 Weeks to Weight Loss - This more in-depth program takes you through 12 weeks of workouts and nutritional goals.
  • Exercise Progression - This article will teach you how you can take your current workouts and change them to be more challenging.
  • Changing Your Workouts - This article focuses on how to change your strength training workouts to get even more out of them.

Day 1: Cardio Medley and Stretch

Day 2: Total Body Supersets and Yoga

Day 3: Active Rest

There's nothing on your schedule today, but try to stay active as much as you can by taking breaks, walking, stretching and moving. Some ideas:
  • Take a slow, easy walk and leave your watch at home. Enjoy yourself!
  • Sit on an exercise ball while you work on the computer for 5 minutes
  • Have a pillow fight
  • Challenge your spouse to an arm wrestling contest

Day 4: Interval Cardio and Stretch

Day 5: Total Body Supersets

Workout 1: Total Body Supersets
Type: Strength Training
Length: 40-60 Min
Level: Beg/Int
Equipment Required: Various weighted dumbbells, a step or platform, barbells and an exercise ball.
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Day 6: Cardio and Stretch

Day 7: Bonus Cardio

Today is your bonus cardio day, where you'll choose any activity you like and work at a moderate pace for at least 20 minutes. You can do the same Bonus Cardio you did last week, or choose something new.

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