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How to Navigate the Gym


Updated June 19, 2014

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Just joined the gym? Congratulations on taking your first step towards a healthier life. By now you've probably taken a tour of your new club and seen lots of shiny, sweaty people working out. You've seen hundreds of machines and contraptions, all designed to whip you into shape. You've seen a calendar of so many fitness classes, it would take you months to try all of them. You've paid your money, gotten your I.D. and now you're ready. You may even be excited, right?

But what happens that first time you walk in the gym to actually workout? You may feel confused and conspicuous. You probably don't remember how any of these machines work and, worse, you have no idea where to start.

Start out on the right foot with this overview of the different areas of your gym, from cardio to strength training, so you can figure out where to start.

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