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Exercise for Seniors

Exercise is important for all age groups, particularly for the older adult. These resources will help you figure out how and why you should be exercising and how it will improve your life.
  1. Exercise and Arthritis
  2. Exercise and the Heart

Exercise for Seniors - Aging Gracefully
Improve your quality of life and age gracefully with exercise and strength training for seniors from your About Exercise Guide

Total Body Strength for Seniors
Try this basic total body strength training workout designed especially for seniors.

Total Body Stretch for Seniors
This basic stretching workout will help you improve flexibility, balance and increase your range of motion for better mobility.

Combat the Effects of Aging
Wouldn't it be nice to sail through your golden years without disability and disease? There's no reason you can't stay healthy as you age.

Exercise and Diabetes
Diabetes is a big concern these days, mainly because so many of us either have it or are at risk for getting it. Find out how to get fit and avoid Type 2 diabetes.

Growing Older and Gaining Weight
Aging is a natural process that we can't control...or can we? While studies show that we gain at least a pound of fat and lose up to 1/2 pound of muscle each year (starting in the 30's), other studies tell us it doesn't have to be that way. Learn how to maintain your healthy body as you get older.

Senior Health
About.com's Senior Health guide gives you lots of good reasons to workout. Whether it's under doctor's orders or because you're ready to start feeling better, Marian Eure can help you figure out the right way to exercise.

Exercise Guidelines for Older Adults
Cardio exercise is crucial for older adults who want to stay fit, functional and healthy. Learn about the cardio exercise guidelines for older adults and how to get started.

Strength Training Benefits and Guidelines for Seniors
Strength training is an important component of a healthy life for seniors. Find out the strength training guidelines for seniors and how to get started.

How to Safely Get Up and Down From the Floor
Getting up and down from the floor is an important skill to have but, if you have flexibility or mobility issues, it may be a challenge. Get step by step instructions for how to get up and down from the floor for your fitness and health.

Lower Body Strength, Stability and Flexibility Workout - Perfect for Older...
This Lower Body Strength, Stability and Flexibility Workout is perfect for older adults or seniors who want functional strength and to get up and down from the floor more easily.

Flexibility Guidelines for Seniors
Flexibility is one of the most important factors in staying healthy and functional as we age. Learn about the flexibility guidelines and how you can get started right now.

Exercise Basics for Seniors
Exercise is important for any age group, but seniors can stay strong, healthy and improve quality of life by exercising regularly. Learn the basics about exercise for seniors and how you can get started.

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