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Compound Exercises - Step By Step Compound Exercises for the Entire Body


Updated July 23, 2014

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360 Plank
Compound Exercises - Step By Step Compound Exercises for the Entire Body
Paige Waehner

One of my favorite whole body exercises, the 360 plank is a tough one and a bit confusing because you be going from standing to a plank position with a few rows in there as well. This compound move works multiple muscles, including the legs, abs and back. You'll have to work to figure this one out, so take care with this move and start with no weight or light weights as you're perfecting your form.

  1. Hold weights in each hand and turn to the left, lunging forward with the left leg (right leg is straight) while taking the weight in the right hand down to the floor. You should be in a runner's lunge with the left arm pulled up into a row.
  2. Put the left hand down (still holding the weight) as you take the left leg back into a plank.
  3. Pull the left weight up into a row while stepping forward with the right leg.
  4. Stand up and turn to face the back of the room.
  5. Repeat the series, once again lunging to the left, moving into a plank and lifting the left arm into a row as you step forward with the right leg.
  6. At the end, you should be facing forward again, having completed one circle of lunges, planks and rows.
  7. Complete 4 circles before going in the other direction and lunging with your right leg first.

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