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Gin Miller's Calorie Burning Workout with Kettlebells

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Updated February 16, 2010

Gin Miller's Calorie Burning Workout with Kettlebells
Paige Waehner

The Bottom Line

This kettlebell workout series is a great introduction to non-traditional kettlebell training. There are 3 progressively more difficult workouts and a variety of dynamic and creative exercises. Her focus on safety, good form and proper alignment make it impossible to get the exercises wrong and beginners will appreciate her careful instruction. She doesn't include some of the more common kettlebell exercises, which may be a disappointment, and her instruction is sometimes a bit too thorough, which may get tedious. However, this is a good choice for beginners who want a taste of kettlebell training.


  • A thoughtful and detailed introduction to non-traditional training with kettlebells
  • Three different workout options offer a variety of dynamic and creative exercises
  • Gin's excellent instruction and focus on safety, form and alignment make the exercises easy to learn
  • A great way for beginners to get a taste of kettlebell training


  • Not many traditional kettlebell exercises are included
  • Too much instruction may get tedious over time
  • Overall intensity may be low for more advanced exercisers


  • A workout program designed to introduce exercisers to kettlebell training
  • Three progressively more difficult workouts take exercisers through a series of static and dynamic kettlebell exercises
  • Workouts include a combination of aerobic and strength-oriented moves with warm ups and cool downs
  • Instructional section explains the basics of kettlebell training and safety considerations

Guide Review - Gin Miller's Calorie Burning Workout with Kettlebells

With a slew of new kettlebell videos on the market, it's hard to know which ones are best for both learning the basics of kettlebell training. Gin Miller is almost always a good choice and her kettlebell workout is no exception.

The Basics

The DVD is set up with 3 progressively difficult workouts, each about 20-26 minutes long, including a thorough warm up and cool down. You have the option to do each one individually or together for a 50-minute routine. She also includes a brief safety section where she goes over the basics of kettlebells and makes recommendations of how much weight to use. She recommends 5 lbs for beginners, up to 12 lbs for practiced exercisers and up to 15 lbs for expert exercisers.

If you've spent any time learning about kettlebell training and its focus on power, momentum and swinging motions, this video may differ from your expectations. While she does include some traditional kettlebell moves, like swings, many of the exercises aren't pure kettlebell moves. Some are focused more on slow movements and individual muscle groups rather than the total body, integrated moves that make kettlebell training so unique. That's one of the disappointments of the video, but she also includes some creative and challenging exercises such as:

  • Overhead presses
  • A two-arm pull with a lateral swing
  • A one-arm swing and curl
  • Torso twists with lunges
  • A reach and throw
  • Figure 8s
  • Wood chops


  • Excellent instruction and cueing. Gin is a stickler for safety and getting the moves right. She breaks each exercise down, showing progressions that take you through each stage of the exercises.
  • Creative exercises with a focus on using the entire body while stabilizing the core. She often combines moves in an interesting way, such as a one-legged deadlift with a kettlebell pass under the knee.
  • The workout menu offers options for shorter or longer workouts.
  • The focus on lighter kettlebells gives new exercisers a chance to get comfortable with the weight.
  • The ability to view the exercises at different angles make the moves easy to follow.


  • Not enough traditional' kettlebell exercises. Those looking for more traditional exercises will miss the swings, cleans, jerks and other common kettlebell moves.
  • Too much instruction. She sometimes spends more time instructing than on the exercises which may become tedious. This video may not have much staying power over time, especially for people looking for a more intense workout.

Overall, Gin does an excellent job of teaching beginners the basics of form and alignment while using a kettlebell. It's almost impossible to do the moves wrong with her careful instruction and the different angles showing the exercises. I love her creativity and many of the exercises will become staples in my own workouts. Unfortunately, her careful attention to detail may get tedious over time, especially those wanting more intensity and more traditional kettlebell exercises.

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 5 out of 5
Exercising with Gin Miller, Member tommiefromva

I'm 79 and had a heart attack a year ago. I have been walking on the treadmill everyday from 20 to 45 minutes a day. I have been wanting some exercise to get rid my pot belly. After reading About's article on Kettlebells, I decided to give it a try. I bought my Kettlebell from Walmart and it included Gin Miller's DVD. It was just the right workout for me with my heart condition and age. I just completed the first workout and can feel it working on my abs. Thank you About and Gin.

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