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Cathe Friedrich's Kick, Punch & Crunch

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Updated July 12, 2005

The Bottom Line

This is an excellent choice for intermediate/advanced exercisers who want an intense kickboxing workout. The 68-minute workout is divided into segments so you can do as much or as little as you like and the intensity ranges from medium to high so you can choose how hard you want to work. The DVD also includes a Legs & Glutes workout to be reviewed later.
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  • An action-packed DVD with a mix of high and low intensity kickboxing
  • Intensity drills include short punch/kick combos to get the heart rate up
  • The combination section slows things down, offering a fun mix of kicks and punches


  • Full workout is a bit long


  • A 68-minute kickboxing workout that includes intensity drills and kick/punch combinations
  • The intensity section includes high energy drills
  • The medium intensity section takes you through 3 combos with a variety of kicks and punches
  • The abdominal section includes challenging exercises with an exercise ball

Guide Review - Cathe Friedrich's Kick, Punch & Crunch

Cathe is one of my favorite instructors and her Kick, Punch & Crunch DVD offers the fun, intense workout I've come to expect from her. For intermediate/advanced exercisers, the workout starts with a 13-minute warmup that goes from low to medium intensity featuring basic kicks, punches and combos. The high intensity drills come next, about 20-25 minutes of short, high impact combos with punches, jump kicks and a killer move--a lunge with a hammer punch into a knee smash. After a short cool down, you move into a lower intensity (but still tough) section that includes 3 combos which combine punches and kicks (e.g. double jab, double jab low, jab/cross/jab, cross punch, knee, kick, squat and jump kick). Each combo gets shorter and tougher and, though you might find your heart rate dropping a bit in the first combo, things pick up towards the end. The final section is an ab workout using a ball with exercises like ball crunches, rolls, pikes and woodchops. It's short and sweet...a good thing since you should be tired by now. The stretch at the end is short and relaxing with some nice flutey-kind of music. The DVD also includes special features such as short, Premixed Workouts and a Workout Blender that allows you to choose the order of your workouts. These features allow you to have a new workout every time, eliminating boredom and keeping the workouts fresh. Cathe is an excellent cuer and this DVD is a great choice for kickboxers who really want to sweat!
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