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Low-Carb Snacks

10-Minute Strength Training Workout

  • Warm up with a minute or so of light walking
  • Keep the rest very short between exercises
  • End with a light cool down and stretch
  • Beginners: Perform one set of each exercise for 15-30 seconds
  • Intermediate/Advanced: Do each exercise for 1 (or more) minutes. For a longer workout, complete 2-3 circuits
1.  One-Legged Squats Stand in front of wall with ball behind lower back, weights in hand.  Lift the left foot off the floor and keep it up as you bend right knee into a half-squat, keeping knee behind toe.  Push through the heel back to start and repeat then switch legs.  If you don't have a ball, simply do the exercise without it and without the weights (you may want to hold onto a chair for balance)           
2.  Pushups/Side Planks Get on hands and toes (or knees), abs in and back straight.  Do one pushup and as you come up, put the weight on the left side of the body, twist to the side while bringing the right arm up towards the ceiling in a side plank.  Lower the arm back to the floor for another pushup and then twist to the other side.  Repeat the series, alternating each side, for the desired length of time.
3.  Walking Lunges/Front Kick
Take a step forward and lower into a lunge (knee behind toe and abs in, body straight).  Pushup with the back leg and immediately bring the knee up into a front kick.  At the end of the kick, immediately step that foot into a lunge and again bring the back leg forward into a kick. Repeat the series, alternating sides, for the desired length of time.
walklunge1.jpg (15891 bytes) walklunge2.jpg (13426 bytes)
  squatsqueeze2.jpg (10888 bytes) 4.  Squats/Chest Squeeze
Holding a medicine ball (or other type of ball), place hands on either side of the ball, feet shoulder-width apart.  Squeeze the ball and, keeping the pressure on, lower into a squat (knees behind toes) while pushing the ball straight out in front of you.  Still squeezing the ball, stand back up and pull the ball back in to your chest.  Try to keep pressure on the ball for the entire time.

5.  One-Legged Deadlifts

Holding a med ball, stand on one leg, knee slightly bent, the other knee bent with toes off the floor.  Keeping abs in and back flat, tip from the hips and take the ball towards the floor until you feel a gentle stretch in your hamstrings.  Contract the glutes back to start.  Do all reps on one leg and then switch to the other halfway through.

  deadlift.jpg (10695 bytes) deadlift2.jpg (15165 bytes)

    reardelt.jpg (12959 bytes)

6.  Rear Delt Raises

While standing, tip forward until body is parallel to the floor, back flat and abs in.  Take arms out to the sides to shoulder level, thumbs rotated up to face the ceiling.  Keep the thumbs up throughout the movement and squeeze your shoulder blades together at the top of the movement.  Repeat for the desired length of time.

7.  Dips/Leg Extension

Sit on a chair or bench, hands next to thighs.  Come off the step and a bit in front of it so that the lower back grazes the step.  Bend the elbows and keep the shoulders relaxed and down while you lower the body into a dip, elbows at 90 degree angles.  At the bottom of the movement, straighten the right leg in a leg extension. Lower the leg and push back up.  Repeat the series, alternating right leg and left leg for the desired length of time.

dipleg1.jpg (8618 bytes) dipleg2.jpg (11657 bytes)

plietoe1.jpg (10087 bytes) pliestoe2.jpg (11924 bytes)

8.  Plie Squats on Toes

Stand with feet wider than shoulders, toes out at a comfortable angle, hands on hips.  Raise up onto the toes, bend the knees and lower into a plie squat, keeping the knees in line with the toes.  Lower as far as you can while still on the toes and press back up.  Try to stay on your toes the entire time.

9.  Row/Squat/Front Raise

Holding a medicine ball (or dumbbells), tip forward with abs in, back straight, knees slightly bent.  Pull the ball towards the belly button, contracting the back muscles.  Take the ball back down and stand up, immediately going into a squat while raising the ball up to shoulder level.

crunchthrow1.jpg (10863 bytes) crunchthrow2.jpg (12044 bytes)

10.  Crunch/Ball Toss

Lie on your back with knees bent, lower back pressed against the mat, medicine ball in front of chest.  Contract the abs and lift the shoulder blades off the floor in a crunch.  Come back down and then toss the ball straight up over chest a few inches.  Be very careful with this exercise and make sure you catch the ball!  Skip the toss if you're a beginner or don't feel comfortable with this part of the move.  Repeat the series (crunch and toss) for the desired length of time.


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