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Biceps Exercises - Strength Exercises for the Biceps


Updated June 13, 2014

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One-Arm Preacher Curl on the Ball
One-arm concentration curl
Paige Waehner
The preacher curl is a great exercise for isolating the biceps muscles. By resting your arm on a preacher bench or, in this case, an exercise ball, you take the momentum out of the movement, allowing the biceps to do all the work. When using a ball for this exercise, practice with your positioning until you feel supported and are able to use good form throughout the exercise.
  1. Place a medium-heavy weight on the floor in front of you and roll forward on the ball so that the torso is supported.
  2. Extend the right arm over the ball and grab the dumbbell, keeping the back of the arm resting against the ball. Take care not to hyperextend the elbow here. Make sure you're forward enough on the ball that you can safely reach the weight.
  3. Contract the biceps to curl the weight up toward the shoulder, keeping the wrist straight.
  4. Lower back down, without locking the elbow joint, and repeat for 1-3 sets of 8-16 reps and switch sides.
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