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Medicine Ball Exercises


Updated June 25, 2014

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Medicine Ball Exchange
Medicine Ball Exchange
Paige Waehner
The medicine ball exchange is a great way to warm up the arms and shoulders and get the heart rate up. You can do this from a seated position or a standing position. The key to this move is to start with a light medicine ball (4 or so lbs) if you're a beginner and keep the move slow and controlled. If you're more advanced, you can use a heavier ball and add a toss at the top of the movement for more intensity.
  1. Stand or, if you're sitting, engage the abs and sit up tall.
  2. Hold a medicine ball in the right hand with your arm down at your side.
  3. Circle the arm up overhead and take the ball with the other hand.
  4. Circle the left hand down to your side.
  5. Continue circling the ball overhead, alternating the arms, and speeding up as you get more comfortable with the move.
  6. Add a toss at the top of the movement for more intensity.
  7. Repeat for 1-3 sets of 16-20 reps.
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