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The Fat Tracker

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Updated July 12, 2005

The Fat Tracker

The Bottom Line

The Fat Tracker is simple to use and the perfect companion for those who want to lose weight. Users can track everything--meals and snacks with nutrient breakdowns, as well as cardio and weight training workouts. You can even track supplements and medications. The comprehensive food list at the end is an excellent resource for tracking calories. A great resource!


  • Daily pages help you track every aspect of your diet and exercise program
  • Nice option to set and track weekly and monthly exercise and diet goals
  • Comprehensive food list provides nutrient breakdown of foods, including fast foods


  • Could use more pages to track weekly exercise/diet goals


  • A 90-day diet and exercise journal to track your weight loss progress
  • Daily pages allow you to track food groups, meals, snacks, supplements and exercise routines
  • Food list provides calories, fat, carbs, protein and fiber of a wide variety of foods

Guide Review - The Fat Tracker

The Fat Tracker is an excellent weight loss journal designed to help you track your eating, exercise and how you're doing with your goals. Karen Chisholm, the author, starts out with a very inspirational story of how she lost weight, despite many difficult obstacles in her path. She then provides some basic diet tips (following the Food Guide Pyramid), and instructions on how to use the journal, although it's very straightforward. You start by recording your goals for eating and exercise and then you're ready to go. The journal includes a Daily and Weekly Tracker Chart at the beginning, although I'd really like to see these offered every 7 days so you'll remember to add up your weekly totals rather than having to flip to the beginning. It would also be nice to be able to set new weekly goals each week. What's nice is that the daily pages allow you to check off your water, grains, veggies, fruit and meat. Following that is a basic chart to track breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. For each meal, you can break down your foods by calories, fat, carbs, protein and fiber. You'll find a nice list of foods (and their nutrient content) in the back of the book--it also includes fast food, which is a great resource. You also have the option to track supplements/medications, your cardio exercise as well as your strength training workouts. Overall, this is an excellent resource for dieters to help you determine if you're reaching your goals.

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