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Exercise on a Budget


Updated August 20, 2012

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Use Free Exercise Resources
Exercise doesn’t have to cost anything, if you know where to look. You can get free information, workouts and even videos from a variety of sources. Some options:
  • The library: Many libraries offer a wealth of information like videos and books about exercise, healthy eating and fitness.
  • The Internet: The World Wide Web can be confusing sometimes, but it can also be a great resource for free exercise information and workouts:
    • Workout Center: This database of workouts includes everything from cardio to strength training for all fitness levels.
    • Exercise & weight loss programs: These free email courses offer more structured programs for weight loss and include free workouts and weight-loss advice.
    • Exercise video instruction: Search through the huge database of health videos at About.com and you’ll find instructional videos for a variety of exercises.
    • About.com Weight Training: About.com's Weight Training site offers a variety of strength workouts for all goals and fitness levels.
    • About.com Walking and About.com Running: Both Guides offer free workouts, training programs and email courses for walkers and runners.
  • Running or walking clubs: Some local walking and running clubs are free. And even if there is an annual fee, you often save money with discounts at sporting goods stores and you get freebies like training programs and a group of people to keep you motivated.
  • Your friends and neighbors: Another idea to consider is asking friends and neighbors to share things like bicycles, exercise videos or other equipment. My neighbor lets me use her bike sometimes and, in exchange, I lend her some of my exercise videos to try. We both get a chance to exercise without spending any money.
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