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Exercise on a Budget


Updated August 20, 2012

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Choose Inexpensive Fitness Gear
Having fancy exercise equipment is nice, but you don’t need it to get a great workout. In fact, a number of home gym options will save you both space and money:
  • Resistance bands: Resistance bands are cheap ($7 to $20), can be easily stuffed in a suitcase or drawer and can be used to work every muscle in the body.
  • Dumbbells: Compared to weight machines, dumbbells are relatively inexpensive and can be used for multiple exercises and body parts. Buying a set will often save you money or you can find inexpensive brands at department stores like Wal-Mart or Target.
  • Jump ropes: Like resistance bands, jump ropes are portable and offer an inexpensive cardio workout.
  • Second-hand equipment: Search local garage sales, second-hand stores such as Play It Again Sports, or craigslist for deals on used exercise equipment.
  • Pedometers: Pedometers are inexpensive ($15 to $35), easy to use and can really motivate you to stay active all day.

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