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Flexibility Workouts

These flexibility workouts fit all exercisers, from beginner to advanced. Staying flexible can help protect you from injury, especially if you sit most of the day.

Basic Stretch
Those short, simple flexibility routine focuses on stretching the hips, glutes, thighs, chest and back. This workout will only take about 5 minutes, so you can do it any time.

Basic Total Body Stretch
This Basic Total Body Stretch takes you through classic flexibility exercises to stretch your entire body, including your chest, back, arms, shoulders and legs.

Best Stretches for Office Workers
Sitting in front of a desk every day can wreak havoc on your body, especially since most of us don't have the best posture. Hunching the shoulders and slumping in your seat can cause back pain, headaches, tension and tightness in your back, neck and shoulders. The following stretches target that muscles of the back, neck and shoulders as well as the hips and glutes. Taking time to do some of these stretches throughout the day can help increase flexibility and reduce tension and stress.

Lower Body Stretch
This flexibility workout includes a variety of flexibility exercises targeting the lower body. Moves help increase flexibility for the hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves and the lower back.

Relaxing Stretch Workout
This relaxing stretch workout involves simple moves using your exercise ball. This is a great workout for those days you're feeling tired, or for stretching after other workouts.

Seated Stretch for the Back, Shoulders & Neck
This seated stretching workout can be done in just a few minutes and is perfect for those of you who spend a lot of time in front of the computer. The moves target the muscles of the upper back, shoulders and neck and can be done right at your desk.

Stretch Your Limits
Learn the proper way to stretch with exercises and demonstrations.

Stretching and Flexibility Exercises
These stretching and flexibility exercises take you step-by-step through common stretching and flexibility exercises like a chest stretch with resistance bands.

Total Body Ball Stretch
This total body ball stretch is perfect for increasing flexibility in the chest, shoulders, back, hamstrings and hips. Gentle and relaxing, this is a great post-workout stretch or any time.

Total Body Stretch
This flexibility workout is great after a cardio or strength training workout to stretch all your major muscle groups.

Total Body Stretch for Seniors
This gentle stretching workout targets all the major muscle groups for a relaxing stretch.

Total Stretch with Resistance Bands
Using a resistance band to stretch the muscles of your hips, legs and upper body can help you increase flexibility and enjoy a relaxing stretch.

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