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Top Fitness and Health Websites


Updated May 16, 2014

As a fitness writer and a personal trainer, I'm constantly on the Internet searching for information for my articles, and to answer your thought-provoking questions. Reap the benefits of my many hours of surfing with these informative, easy to use sites about health, fitness, exercise and more. Below are the most reliable, comprehensive and useful websites I've found. You won't find tons of websites here, just the ones most helpful in your quest for fitness.

Comprehensive Health and Fitness Sites
About.com - (you knew I couldn't ignore this one!) I use About more than any other resource on the Internet. Visit the Health and Fitness Index to find exactly what you're looking for, whether it's about specific exercise (like walking, running or swimming) or general health issues.
National Institutes of Health - Though this site is pretty dry, it covers everything you need to know about health and fitness. What makes it stand out is that it lists all the latest news and scientific discoveries, so it's a great place to keep up with what's new.

Fitness and Exercise
FitnessZone.com - This site offers great articles and tips on everything related to exercise, fitness, weight loss and health.
The Fitness Jumpsite - This site provides articles and links about health/fitness. The experts at this site are all certified or degreed fitness professionals and make it a point to cover the health issues everyone's talking about.
ExRx.Net - This site is a bit more technical, but has a huge database of muscle groups and different exercises that target each muscle group.
FitWatch - This site offers free fitness and nutrition tracking that allows you to keep track of your exercise and diet. There's also a paid version that offers more features.

Nutrition and Weight Loss
American Dietetic Association - The ADA should be the first place you go for reliable nutrition information. Brush up on your food pyramid knowledge, or check out their healthy lifestyle tips.
Nutrition at About - Our Nutrition Guide has some great resources for eating healthy and losing weight.
Weight Loss at About - Our Weight Loss Guide focuses on diets and healthy eating to help you learn simple ways to cut calories and lose weight.
Calorie Count - You can use the tools at this site to track your calories and workouts for free.

MayoClinic.com - This site is owned by Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, and the information is provided by doctors, scientists, nurses and other professionals. Get specific info about diseases, conditions, illnesses, injuries and health.
American Heart Association - This is the official website of the AHA and covers all aspects of heart disease, stroke and general health and fitness.
American Medical Association - If you want information about a specific condition, illness or injury, search through this information site for a wealth of information.

Workout Apparel, Equipment and Videos
Collage Video and Video Fitness: These sites work hand in hand. At Collage, you'll find any workout video in production and at Video Fitness you'll find reviews of them.
Cathe.com - Cathe Friedrich is one of the top video fitness instructors in the industry. Her site provides fitness information and links as well as information about her videos.
Title 9 Sports - This site provides quality workout clothes for women of all sizes and shapes, with a specialty in workout bras. Their service is impeccable.
Road Runner Sports - RRS is for runners and walkers, providing reliable fitness tips and tons of quality athletic shoes, clothes and accessories.

There are many more reliable health and fitness websites out there, but these cover almost all aspects of health and fitness. Surf around and get to know what's out there!.

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