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Get Your Body Ready for Spring


Updated March 14, 2014

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Get Ready for Spring
Get Your Body Ready for Spring
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Time passes so quickly sometimes that seasons often take us by surprise. Except for winter, which lasts forever and ever and ever..right up until the first warm day when we realize just how long it's been since we've tried on those shorts from last year.  Will they fit?  That's the alarming question many of us have to face this time of year, along with a renewed interest in those New Year's resolutions we made eons ago.  It seemed like such a good idea to lose 90 pounds in three months back in January, didn't it?

The result of these realizations finds us starting all over again, so eager to get our bodies ready for spring that we may tend to overdo it a little. While you can't make drastic changes in just a few weeks, it is possible to get back on the workout track in time to enjoy the warmer weather ahead. 

Use this step-by-step guide to:

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