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Get Your Body Ready for Spring


Updated March 14, 2014

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Set Up Your Strength Workouts
Get Your Body Ready for Spring
You already know that strength training is important for shaping your body, losing weight and getting your body strong for all those fun spring activities ahead. Now is a great time to start or ramp up your strength training workouts.

Getting Back to It

If it's been a while, ease into a strength program that will allow you to slowly build strength while minimizing the soreness. Below are a some articles to help you learn the basics of strength training and some beginner workouts to get you started:

As a general rule, start with about 2 days of strength training a week (rest a day or two between workouts) and choose light-medium weights until you get used to the exercises.

Something a Little Different

If you've been exercising all winter, it may be time to shake things up and have a little fun. Below are some new and challenging workouts to try:

Getting Healthy

If you're planning to get out and do things you haven't done in a while like gardening, painting the house or other tasks, take some time to prepare your body with these specialty workouts:

  • Strengthen & Stretch the Core - This is a favorite of mine for working the wore in a dynamic way with a little flexibility thrown in - two things you'll need for yard work.
  • Ball Workout - This advanced ball workout is a great way to work on balance, strength and stability that can translate to almost any activity.
  • Total Core - This is another good bet for strengthening the core muscles.
  • Circuit Training Workouts - In my opinion, the absolute best way to get in shape is with circuit training. Combining both cardio and strength in the same workout gives you more bang for your buck and helps you burn more calories.

You can also find ideas for individual muscle groups in my article, Your Best Body.

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