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How to Make Winter Exercise Easier


Updated January 27, 2011

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Stay Warm
How to Make Winter Exercise Easier
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It can be tough to stick with your exercise program when winter hits. The shortage of daylight, the cold weather and strong urge to stay in your nice warm bed can all work against you as you try to stay focused on your workouts.

While winter does offer a variety of outdoor activities like skiing, snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing, not all of us have access or enjoy those types of activities. That means being stuck indoors (or shivering outdoors) and, often, doing the same old workouts.

The key to staying motivated during the winter is to, first, make it as easy as possible to do your workouts and, second, to recognize when you're starting to get bored with your workouts and make a change before you really lose interest. There are ways to make winter exercise more comfortable, starting with

Step 1: Put Your Clothes in the Dryer

If you're exercising in the morning and find it hard to force yourself out of that nice, warm bed, put your workout clothes in the dryer the night before. When you get out of bed, turn on the dryer for a few minutes. It's much easier to start exercising when you're already warm and putting on clothes fresh from the dryer gives you a leg up on your warm up.

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