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7 Ways to Hurt Yourself at the Gym
The gym offers so much variety when it comes to exercise, it's tempting to jump in and try it all. But, there are some common mistakes exercisers make that may end up hurting more than helping. Learn how to avoid injury and get the most of out your workouts with these simple tips.

Can Exercise Help Reduce the Symptoms of Jet Lag?
Jet lag can really do a number on your body, especially your exercise routine. You may not know that exercise may actually help you get over jet lag more quickly. Find out what you can do to deal with jet lag using exercise.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)
Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS is a common problem when you first start exercising or when you significantly change your program. Learn what it is and what to do about muscle soreness

Exercise for Back Pain
Learn simple ways to change how you live and how you move to help manage and prevent back pain.

How to Avoid Exercise Injury
Starting an exercise program can put you at risk for injury, but there are things you can to do avoid hurting yourself. Learn what you can do to avoid exercise injury.

Knee Pain Exercises
If you have knee pain, these lower body exercises can help strengthen the muscles that support the knee. Get pictures and descriptions of knee pain exercises.

Repetitive Strain Injuries
Here you will find all the resources you need regarding repetitive motion injuries in an easy to read format. All areas of RSIs are covered from their definitions to treatment to alternative therapies.

Should You Exercise With An Injury?
How can you stay active when your body won't cooperate? Learn how to separate good pain from bad pain.

Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine at About.com is the starting place for exploring Sports Medicine, including injury, training, and performance tips.

The 10 Best Questions for Recovering From a Heart Attack by D…
Get the details of Dede Bonner's latest book, The 10 Best Questions for Recovering From a Heart Attack in this review by your About.com Exercise Guide.

What exercises can I do if I have a lower body injury?
If you've injured your knee, ankle or other areas of the lower body, you may wonder what you can do to stay in shape while your injury heals. Get some ideas about what to ask your doctor and what you can do to stay fit without using your lower body.

I have arthritis in my hands. How can I lift weights without pain?
If you have arthritis of the hands, you may have trouble gripping weights during strength training workouts. Learn how you can work around the pain of arthritis of the hands and get a great strength training workout.

How I Lost Weight After Menopause
Did you gain weight after menopause and find a healthy way to lose the extra pounds? Share your story and tell us how you lost weight after menopause. See submissions

Exercise and Knee Osteoarthritis
Learn about different exercises you can do to help reduce pain and discomfort of knee osteoarthritis.

Good Pain vs. Bad Pain
If you've ever been told to listen to your body when you exercise, you know how hard that is. There are so many sensations, some of them slightly scary, that it's hard to know the difference between good pain and bad pain. Luckily there are some signs that can help you figure it out.

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