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Lunges - More Lunges for the Hips, Glutes and Thighs


Updated July 03, 2014

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Lunge Sweep with a Kettlebell
Lunge Sweep
Paige Waehner
The lunge sweep with a kettlebell is a great whole body exercise. The lunges target the muscles of the hips, glutes and thighs while the kettlebell swing challenges the arms and core as well as balance, coordination and stability. This advanced move isn't easy, so start with no weight or hold a light medicine ball in both hands the first time around. Watch the floor as you pivot - if you have carpeting, you may need to walk the feet around to shift from side to side.
  1. Begin with feet wider than the hips and hold a kettlebell or weight in the right hand.
  2. Pivot and turn the body to the right so that you're in a split stance and lower into a lunge. Keep the front knee behind the toe.
  3. As you push back up, swing the weight up and over the head as you pivot back to the front.
  4. Switch the kettlebell to the left hand as you pivot to the left, lowering into a lunge and taking the weight down to the floor.
  5. Continue alternating sides while swinging the weight up and over for 1-3 sets of 8-10 reps (1 rep includes lunging to the right and left).
  6. If you're advanced, you can toss the weight to the other hand at the top of the motion. If you're a beginner, you can keep the weight at chest level rather than swinging it overhead.

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